Safety First

We would like to take this opportunity to review and affirm the proper procedures for afternoon pick up here at the elementary school!

- There is no parking at the curb starting at 2:30 each day.  This is the emergency fire lane and then also the bus loading zone.

- All parents & approved pick up persons must be standing on the patio and within sight of the doors.  The vestibule is too small for parents to wait inside.   Students will only be released when a visual is achieved with the door assigned safety staff.

- Students are not permitted to cross the street by themselves.  This is a safety issue and yet another reason why parents need to be standing on the patio.

- Permanent car riders are dismissed at 2:45.

- Daily School Gate Guardian names will be called at 2:55.  If you attempt to scan out your child after 2:55 on the kiosk their name will not be called over the loud speaker.  You must come into the vestibule and check out your child with our attendance secretary after 2:55.

- Please keep in mind that bus calls start at 3 PM each day.  Arriving to pick up your child after 2:55 is not advised unless it is an emergency.

We appreciate your cooperation in following these procedures!  Please remember that these procedures are in place to keep your children safe!

Thanks so much!

GAES Administration & Office Staff