Third Grade

In third grade we inspire our students to set high expectations for themselves as they continue to develop a reading and writing vocabulary. They will be able to read silently and orally with a basic understanding. We introduce third graders to “Handwriting Without Tears” cursive letter formations to help them develop handwriting skills. Using process writing, they will develop an understanding of the basic parts of speech. Using appropriate mechanics and spelling, students will write frequently in all curriculum areas including stories, books, journals and letters. They will practice the use of reference books (dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus, and atlas) to locate information and assist in writing.

Third graders are supported while improving spelling skills through formal instruction. Students are encouraged to develop a desire to read and write independently. Third graders will be expected to be able to apply math concepts to solve real-life problems using all four basic operations. They will also be responsible for telling time to the minute, developing an increased understanding of place value, problem solving, measurement, money, geometry and fractions. In social studies, science and health the emphasis continues to be on active participation in classroom activities. Students are encouraged to work cooperatively in small groups and to increase their ability to complete work independently. Topics studied include the study of Pennsylvania and local communities, government and history, map and globe skills, safety, animals, plants and science.

"When adults make the time to read with children or talk to them about what they're reading on their own, we're helping inspire them to become thinkers and learners and people who pursue their dreams."

- Oprah Winfrey

Third Grade Teachers

Mrs. Shelly Burger
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30123

Mrs. Meghan Coker
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30104

Mrs. Amy Layton
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30120

Mrs. Kathy Mouse
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30125

Mrs. Mallory Pohl
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30122

Mrs. Katie Smith
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30126

Mrs. Melissa Munch
(717) 597-3266 ext. 30127

Mr. Robert Poole
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30103

Mrs. Melissa Winegardner
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30207