Instructional Support

What is IST-SAP?
The Instructional Support Team/Student Assistance Program (IST/SAP) at Greencastle-Antrim Primary and Elementary schools is a positive and cooperative team approach designed to help any student in kindergarten through fifth grade who experiences consistent academic or behavioral problems in the regular classroom.

How does IST/SAP work?
The IST/SAP process involves four steps:

  1. Identifying a student's need for academic or behavioral support.
  2. Setting goals.
  3. Determining the strategies needed to assist the student.
  4. Putting those strategies into use in the classroom.

Who starts the process?
A request for assistance can come from a parent, teacher, counselor, principal or nurse.

How can a parent initiate a referral to IST/SAP?
The parent can start the IST/SAP process by contacting the child's teacher, the building administrator or the instructional support teacher at the Primary or Elementary school.

What is the procedure?
  • School staff and parents meet as a team.
  • Problems and strengths are identified.
  • Ideas are explored on how to help the student become successful within the classroom.
  • A date is set for a follow-up meeting.
  • Data is collected to measure the success of the plan.
  • At the progress review meeting, the team decides if the goals have been met or if additional evaluation is recommended for the student.

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Instructional Support Teacher

Leah Shaw
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