Fourth Grade

The fourth grade team has high expectations for each individual student. Encouraging each child to use his or her abilities to the fullest potential to become a life-long learner continues to be our highest goal. We want each child to develop a desire to read and a love for reading. We will teach each child to read silently with understanding, develop critical reading strategies and to read appropriately leveled texts with a high level of accuracy. We want each child to write frequently across all subject areas and develop an understanding of the basic parts of speech through a process writing approach while increasing their reading and writing vocabulary.

We teach our students to use math concepts to solve real life problems, predict and interpret data, calculate probability and solve operations using fractions and decimals. Students will be able to solve problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. We will also continue to develop each child's understanding of geometry, measurement, time, number systems, algebra, calculus and trigonometry.

Students will identify the geography, climate, history, natural resources and landforms of each of the five regions of the United States. They will also learn about the government of Pennsylvania. Students will develop an understanding of life science (plants and animals), earth science (rocks, minerals, and solar system) and physical science (electricity and magnetism). Throughout the year, the students will be taught about the importance of being trustworthy, respectful, responsible, fair, caring, and a good citizen. We want all the children to enjoy being academic learners and children of character.

"Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there."
-John Wooden

Fourth Grade Teachers

Mrs. Jessica Enderlin
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30214

Mrs. Jennifer Faith
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30114

Mrs. Jill Gilbert
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30116

Mrs. Erin Herrmann
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30107

Mrs. Jennifer Higgins
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30202

Mrs. Susan Hirneisen
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30105

Mrs. Mallory Kauffman
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30207

Mrs. Amy Layton
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30120

Mr. Eric Shaner
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30219

Mrs. Kim Wilson
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30208

Mrs. Nicole Winslow
(717) 597-3226 ext. 30203